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Petroneering’s team of experts have successfully delivered high-profile projects and consulting engagements to global energy companies including Pertamina, Petronas, Petrobas, Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Centrica/British Gas, ConocoPhillips, Enbridge, Anadarko, Woodside, StatOil, BP, Suncor and Murphy Oil, to name a few. With a majority of the world's top 50 energy companies as Petroneering’s personnel clients, we have established a position of market eminence. 


We're proud of our proven track records in project delivery. We have been excelling partially due to our relentless pursuit of high standards of client service by:

  • Safeguarding the safety, health of our clients, employees, contractors and the environment.


  • Establishing on each delivery who our clients are and directly ascertaining their expectations for our exceptional performance


  • Perusing our client’s business needs and operating requirements carefully.


  • Advancing client service objectives that will enable us to justify our professional accountabilities, satisfy our clients’ requirements, and surpass their expectations.


  • Synchronizing an appropriate service level agreement to serve the client objectives.


  • Executing the client service agreement in a manner that guarantees reciprocal commitments are anticipated and surprises avoided.


  • Cultivating empowered communication, both internal and external, to optimize client perceptions of value-driven results and quality of our professional service.


  • Providing client’s management with perceptions on the true condition of their business and meaningful propositions for improved enterprise performance.


  • Expanding and augmenting our collaborations with stakeholder to facilitate bi-directional communication and foster client loyalty.


  • Ensuring that any technical, professional, or client service dilemma is resolved swiftly with consultation in an environment of mutual trust and respect.


  • Obtaining from the client, either formally or informally, a regular evaluation of our deliverable and performance.


  • Receiving fees that represent the value-added of professional services rendered, technology products delivered and clear accountabilities assumed and are considered reasonable by our clients.


Our focus on value-accretive signifies no ambiguity with respect to the development of advanced strategies and achievement of improved operating performance. Our clients always know what we stand for. 



This is the Petroneering Way!




Petroneering LLC is a recognized leader among boutique offshore technology development and consulting firms. We are headquartered right in the energy corridor of Houston, Texas, U.S.A. with satellite and affiliate offices around the world.


We've designed and engineered our "patented" offshore technologies and will make functional knowledge, deep sector experience and global networks available to our oil & gas clients worldwide. 


We've advised global energy leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities. We've worked with a range of clients in the oil & gas industry including Sovereign Wealth Funds, Independent Oil Companies (IOCs), National Oil Companies (NOCs), Oilfield Service Firms and Private Equity investors.


We're diverse! Our global team of experts has a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds—all bound by a shared passion for problem solving, engineering excellence and a relentless drive to have positive impact in the world. 


Our leaders, consultants and advisors consist of oil & gas industry veterans and functional experts with doctoral and master-level degrees from world's best universities Texas A&M University at College Station (USA), The University of Manchester (UK), Durham University (UK), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), University of Southern California (USA), Purdue University (USA), University of Texas at Austin (USA), Colorado School of Mines (USA), Duke University (USA), London School of Economics (UK) and Yale University (USA). 


The richness of our credentials equips Petroneering team of experts with the range of integrated management and technical skillsets we need to solve the clients’ complex business problems and create lasting impacts through practical recommendations.


We collaborate with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We hone their managerial capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity.


We explore and exploit the capabilities of clients to participate in the processes and lead the enduring collaborations.


Petroneering takes pride in ingraining six values that are vital components of our identity and future success. These values are:

  1. Integrity

  2. Client Centricity

  3. Executional Excellence

  4. Mutual Respect

  5. Entrepreneurial

  6. Teamwork



We strive to help our clients make sustainable improvements in their core businesses and build an enduring firm that attracts, co-evolves and retains exceptional human capital.



Petroneering is single-minded in its approach to the technical advisory and offshore technology development processes: perform exhaustive due diligence; pay strict attention to detail; and provide consistent objectivity in a totally confidential environment. This approach has generated an unmatched track record in our sector and is pivoted on the followings:


  • Achieving Better Results — It results in cost-effective business-wide solutions based on clients’ unique exploration objectives, technical requirements, and operational risks.


  • Leading Practices  Based on the most advanced offshore engineering best practices, procedures and actionable solutions.


  • Flexiblility and Agility  It provides a comprehensive set of development guidelines while allowing the approach for production platform to be tailored to clients’ specific exploration requirements and project scope.  


  • Collaborative Design and Compliance  Petroneering will investigate multi-design parameters to peruse various strategic locations for optimum configurations according to offshore marine industry certifications and best practices.


  • Highly Specialized Engineering Skillsets  To assists client with in-depth knowledge of offshore platforms and engineering excellence in the floating platform development and technical advisory services to ensure client standards and regulatory reporting are met.


  • Commitment to Developing a Strong Relationship  Given our desire to build a relationship with client, Petroneering is not concerned about “short wins” but the overall high-quality of our project completion and delivery. 



As a firm, Petroneering chooses its alliance partners based on the deep-industry expertise that they possess, complementing our offshore engineering excellence, structured project management methodologies, factbased problem-solving approach and proven strategy & execution expertises. 


In general, there are two avenues in which we collaborate with our alliance partners. Sometimes, it makes sense for the client to retain Petroneering and our alliance partner to focus on delivering separate but inter-linked portfolio or project.


For instance, Petroneering may be appointed to perform the FEED and Detailed Engineering on a FPSO project while our alliance partner may be commissioned for the offshore fabrication facility and specialized shipbuilding. 


In other situations, to maximize value-accretive and impact, we have rolled-out numerous joint project management teams consisting of Petroneering’s technical advisors and consultants as well as consultants from other specialist engineering/consulting firms.


In both approaches, our clients benefit from having access to global data and specialist expertises while ensuring that the project is able to achieve impact through deep appreciation of localized contexts.

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