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This course provides an in-depth introduction to production, storage and export facilities in a single unit. The course covers the design environmental condition for both survival and operational limitation with focus on the fundamental aspects of offshore oil field’s development and the choice of technology employed. The session builds on the conceptual choice and consider the building blocks for the design of the system including station keeping and design mooring turret. Other major components, such as Hull and Topside are also discussed. In addition, the course will provide an overview of offshore offloading, construction and installation.



  1. Introduction to Floating Production

  2. Environmental Requirement

  3. History of FPSO

  4. FPSO Design

  5. Offshore Offloading System

  6. Marine System

  7. Operation & Maintenance

  8. FPSO Conversion

  9. Construction & Installation

  10. Regulations, Class & Verification

  11. Commercial Consideration

  12. Case Study














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