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This specialist course provides basic knowledge of offshore terminal with focus on single point mooring. This course will go into details of the system design including some major components such as rotated turret, mooring, submarine hose, floating hose, hawser and anchor pile. Fluid transfer system will be discussed to brief participant on the applications as well as the challenge of the system. The course guides the participant to understand the fundamental aspects of the offshore terminal system that transporting oil or gas from or to shore.



  1. Introduction and Overview

  2. Terminal of Loading/Unloading

  3. Evolution of Single Point Mooring

  4. SPM System Design

  5. Applications in Shallow Water

  6. Application in Deep water

  7. SPM Component Design

  8. Fluid Transport System

  9. Operation & Maintenance

  10. Construction & Installation

  11. Commercial Consideration

  12. Case Study





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