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This class provides an overview of Petrophysics. By the end of the course, the participants will be able to: Obtain a good understanding on porous rock basic properties, Know how mud logging equipment and electric logging tools work and their principles, Understand how core and log data becomes the Petrophysics’ holy grail, Identify lithology from open hole logs, calculate Volume of Shale using a simple method, Understand assumptions used in porosity and saturation calculations; Read, analyze and utilize core data, Perform a quick‐look petrophysical evaluation and calculate hydrocarbon volume in reservoirs (team workshop).



  1. Introduction and overview

  2. Porous Rock Properties

  3. Shale or Clay

  4. Overview: Mud Logging, Coring, Core

  5. Handling and Core Analysis

  6. Well Logging Principles

  7. Log – Core Reconciliation

  8. Well Log Interpretations

  9. Shaly Sands Saturation Models

  10. Laminated and Dispersed Shale

  11. Data Acquisition Programs

  12. Petrophysical Uncertainties











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