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Risers, commonly defined as the portion of the pipeline from the sea bottom up to the platform. The pipeline connects an offshore Floating Production Structure or a Drilling Rig to a sub- sea system either for production purposes such as drilling, production, injection and export, or for drilling, completion and workover purposes. Risers are considered to be the most critical product in an offshore pipeline development taking into account the dynamic loads and sour service conditions they need to withstand. Risers are subjected to greater fatigue loads and extremely challenging requirements in terms of tolerances, mechanical properties and environmental conditions.



  1. Introduction and overview

  2. Riser Functional Requirements

  3. Design Codes and Regulations

  4. Design Basis Development

  5. Hybrid Riser Analysis and Design

  6. Flexible Riser Analysis and Design

  7. SCR Analysis and Design Methods

  8. Introduction to Top Tension Riser (TTR)

  9. Production Risers Analysis and Design

  10. Drilling Riser Analysis and Design

  11. Impact of Drilling and Completion

  12. Work Over Requirements

  13. Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV)

  14. Riser Sizing













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