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This class provides an overview of process safety engineering fundamentals for hydrocarbon processing facilities focusing on Upstream Oil and Gas. This course will go into details to some of the technical safety engineering basic calculations to estimate the consequences and how to mitigate them. Learning from historical incidents will also be covered. Methods and techniques for hazard identification and mitigation applicable to Oil and Gas industries will be discussed. An overview of Process Safety Management (PSM) will be described. This course will involve interactive exercises and quizzes to strengthen the key learning.



  1. Introduction and overview

  2. Proses Safety & Risk Assessment

  3. Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)

  4. Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

  5. Human Factors

  6. Process Safety Management (PSM)

  7. Key Concept & anatomy of an incident

  8. Leakage & Dispersion of Hydrocarbon Releases

  9. Fire

  10. Explosion

  11. Designs to prevent or mitigate fires and explosions

  12. Plant layout and equipment spacing

  13. Corrosion and Material Selection













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