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At Petroneering, we appreciate that an oil & gas company’s strategy will have far-reaching consequences on how resources are mobilized and how human capital will be organized and deployed; therefore we adopt a rigorous, fact-based approach to address the most critical strategic, operational and organizational issues to achieving top-tier value growth consistently. Most recent engagements include:

  • Capital Project, e.g., Reassessing conventional wisdom around oil & gas capital projects planning and operational execution (onshore and marginal fields), as we move into new frontiers with increasing project complexities, e.g.: ultra deepwater, heavy oil and tight oil & gas. 

  • Corporate/BU Strategies, e.g., Devising the next best project portfolio shape and why; and how best to sustain improved competitive growth over the near- and longer-term horizons.

  • Growth Strategy, e.g., Formulating attractive adjacency strategies to help fuel non-/organic growths in downstream energy. What opportunities do I have to get more out of my existing business model through better allocation of resources (project financing, human capital, operating investments) in marine midstream industry? 

  • M&A Strategy, e.g., Implementing strategies for the redeployment of excess cash to generate value-accretive through M&A Lifecycle?

  • Offshore Technology, e.g., Leveraging new models of collaboration, idea sourcing, and idea generation to drive innovation and offshore technology commercialization in oil & gas markets, particularly in the shallow water and marginal fields.

  • Organization, e.g., Reengineering and developing a scalable organization that will enable the successful delivery of new growth platforms, while at the same time, preserving the strengths of the current culture.

  • Operational Excellence, e.g., Building and deploying an operations excellence philosophy, operating model and supporting corporate culture. Understanding what investments (lines of business, downstream energy products, fixed assets, etc.) aren’t contributing value to the enterprise and why?

  • Emerging Energy Market Economics & Competitive Enviroment, e.g., Determining the potentially disruptive or new sources of energy over the next several decades, and the implications to corporate strategic direction and value.


The followings are four areas of deep sector experience and functional expertises we offer:

  1. Conventional oil & gas markets

  2. Unconventional oil & gas markets, e.g., oil sands, shale gas, tight oil & gas.

  3. Functional capabilities, e.g., offshore technology, operational excellence, reservoir and development.

  4. Organizational structure & processes, e.g., governance model, organizational structure, roles & responsibilities, and management processes such as goal-setting, advanced strategy development and O&M (operation & maintenance) performance management.




1. Strategy Development

We leverage internal and external data as well as business insights through our corporate and political network in order to help oil & gas clients formulate strategies to chart their expansionary growth. We offer five domain of strategy developments:

  • Corporate Strategy

                 Devise a strategic direction for O&G clients, 

                 leveraged by optimal remobilization of resources

                 and synchronized business unit strategies, and plan 

                 a sustainable strategy development process.

  • Business Unit Strategy 

                 Assist our O&G clients formulate strategies that

                 outperform the market from big data analysis to

                 detailed engineering design to measurable execution.

  • Growth Strategy

                 Aid most ambitious O&G client companies determine

                 both the participation and competitive strategies,

                 using a proprietary approach to pinpoint

                 opportunistic growth platforms.

  • Innovation Strategy 

                 Facilitate the implementation of superior operating

                 performance of the O&G clients through innovation in

                 services/products, organizational and managerial

                 processes and business models.

  • M&A Strategy and Lifecycle

                 Advise on JV partners and/or acquisition targets

  • Scouting

  • Screening

  • Due Diligence (incl. valuation)

  • Transaction Execution

  • Integration (and Post-Integration)


2. Business Plan Development

  • Validate the client’s strategy and major drivers for growth (only if Petroneering was not involved in developing the client’s strategy).

  • Develop annual business targets (KPIs and KGIs).

  • Identify the business activities (i.e.: acquisitive, organic growth, etc.) that would need to occur in order to realize the business targets.

  • Validate key financial assumptions and develop economic projections on CapEx, OpEx and O&Ms.

  • Formulate executable implementation plans – comprising of various business activities, targeted outcomes, critical paths, timelines and responsibilities to roll-out the business plan.


3. Business Case Evaluation

  • Perform diagnostic assessment of a major investment project, business operation, joint venture or research program to assess the return on investment (ROI) and strategic fit.

  • Identify investment thesis/value creation strategy and the interdependencies required to achieve the targeted ROI.

  • Review the organization’s capabilities and identify gaps that may impede execution.

  • Recommend a path-forward strategy.


4. Business Concept Design

  • Develop a concept paper for downstream O&G products, oilfield services, and/or novel business ideas.

  • Conduct feasibility study through targeted market studies (i.e., CLV-customer lifetime value) and focus group discussions.

  • Define the business concept, determining the business/commercial viability and identifying the differentiation factors and value propositions.

  • Develop a business model for commercializing the business.




Petroneering team offers independent, impartial, strategic advice on corporate finance and value creation. We work with O&G clients on topics such as:

  • Finance Process

  • Finance Shared Services

  • Balanced Scorecard and Strategy-aligned KPIs

  • Performance-Linked Compensation

  • Performance Management Process Review

  • Valuation (Project, Portfolio and Business Enterprise)

  • Financial Analysis and Modeling

  • Plan, Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Strategic Cost Management

  • Profitability Analysis




We help clients integrate risk management into their business strategy and tackle key safety and risk challenges through:

  • Understanding Business Opportunity & Risk

  • Integrating Risk to Business Processes

  • Assuring the Safe Performance of Critical Systems

  • Managing Systems/Risk Mitigation

  • Project Risk Management

  • Measuring & Reporting Risk Performance




We help our clients achieve world-class operations. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on practicality, we work to develop and implement operational strategies that solve our clients' most critical problems in:

  • Operational Review

  • Administrative Services Review

  • Strategy & Operations Alignment

  • Improvement Program (Supply Chain Integration and/or Demand Chain Management)

  • Business Process Reengineering (incl. Lean Management)




Our project management methodology combines the best practices from today’s project management community with experience gained over decades of successfully delivering complex projects . We know what works - and what doesn’t - in every phase of a project management below:

  • Initiation

  • Planning

  • Execution

  • Control

  • Closing



Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Business Unit Strategy

Business Unit Strategy

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy

M&A Strategy and Lifecycle

M&A Strategy and Lifecycle

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