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OUR ASSET  We believe that our human capital are our strongest asset. Our engineers, professionals and consultants come from diverse backgrounds: from Engineering and Mathematics to Finance and Statistics to Law and the Arts. We select people with high intelligence and a shared values to make a difference. The Petroneering culture is characterized by integrity, client centricity, executional excellence, mutual respect, entrepreneurial and teamwork. And because we know that it is our human capital who drive success for the company, we go to great lengths to attract, inspire and reward the most talented human capital and hard work. We offer a very competitive remuneration package, which we regularly benchmark against industry peers. But working inside Petroneering is always rewarding in more ways than one. It means that you will have the opportunity to do impactful work, collaborate alongside value-driven, original thinker and bright colleagues, and receive the support you need to develop yourself professionally and personally.​


CAREER DEVELOPMENT We support your professional development through evaluation, coaching, training - both formal and informal. As your career with us progresses and you discover areas in which you'd like to develop further, we encourage you to express your preference for future assignments. We make a conscious effort to rotate team members in and out of projects (if the projects are of a lengthy duration) so that our consultants get maximum exposure to various types of energy projects and oil & gas industries.



PROJECT ENGAGEMENT In each and every project engagement, you'll make important contributions and spend your time identifying pain points, forming hypotheses, analyzing fact-based, reviewing issues & alternatives, synthesizing conclusions, developing recommendations, presenting results to the client's management and helping to strategize and implement management innovation.


COLLABORATION At Petroneering, we are passionate about maintaining a congenial, collaborative and supportive work environment. Indeed, a common trait that Petroneering team share is that we are all team players. Our closely-knit Petroneering team also means that our people enjoy a very close camaraderie with one another, and do many activities together both at work and otherwise.


EXECUTION  The intellectual stimulation and dynamics of working with individuals who come with impeccable academic qualifications (mostly with master-level and doctoral pedigrees), perceptive thinking, entreprenuerial/ innovative ideas and informed opinions is what we love about the Petroneering culture. Because we emphasize an value-driven approach in our deliverables, you can always count on your team members to work together cooperatively to "get the job done", and well. This also means that flexibility and agility at work are possible so long as the required results and consistently high level of quality are sustained. Here at Petroneering, you can be assured of an innovative company, access to other colleagues' hands-on experiences, deep-industry expertises, and many hearty laughs along the way.



Petroneering is an unparalleled environment to create your own success story.


Individuals are attracted to Petroneering from varying backgrounds. Engineers, experienced professionals, interns and post-graduate students all have one thing in common, however: They are determined to get immersed into a corporate culture characterized by intellectual maturity and dynamism, partnership and empathy, a global outlook and the determination to succeed.


Three of the highlights of your Petroneering career will be your ability to participate in a teamwork, receive mentoring and have a personal impact on the client’s organization. By collaborating with the world's leading oil & gas businesses on their toughest strategic and operational issues/challenges, with inspiring group of senior leaders in an environment of innovation and high performance, you will grow into a responsible manager and learn to make a difference within Petroneering and beyond. 


If you are a high-performing, results-oriented, enjoy working in teams and wish to contribute to the success of a thriving organization, please email your CV, salary history and requirements along with your cover letter, in either .doc or pdf. format, to:


Petroneering is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind. 



DELIVERY Working hand-in-hand with our clients at every phase of our project engagements, we build deep relationships and engage directly with all levels in the organisation. To prevent a disconnect between strategy formulation and engineering execution, we work closely with clients' management teams from development of strategy (incl. front-end engineering and detailed engineering) right through to the most challenging phase of EPCI (engineering, procurement, construction and installation) and implementation. Because we have intellectual familiarity with specific challenges faced by oil & gas companies, we are able to bring customized insights to help initiate change through practical and executable solutions. And we never forget to make a conscious effort to listen to our clients, to understand their aspirations, technical requirements and resource contraints.


Our cumulative experience suggests that the greatest client impact is sustained through a value-based consultative process with a finely-tailored solution based on the client’s inherent culture, enterprise architecture, performance maturity and organizational capabilities.

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