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Offshore structures have special economic and technical characteristics. Economically, offshore structures are dependent on oil and gas production, which is directly related to global investment, which is in turn affected by the price of oil. This course has been designed to provide a comprehensive study of introduction to offshore structure including fixed and floating platform. Recent research and development will be discussed in order to enhance participant’s knowledge about the challenge of the technology in this field. Interactive design and model testing is part of the course.



  1. Introduction to Offshore Structure

  2. Environmental Design

  3. Vessel Stability

  4. Fixed and Buoyant Platform

  5. Compliant Tower

  6. Spar Design and Construction

  7. Semi Design and Construction

  8. TLP Design and Construction

  9. Mooring and Anchor Design

  10. Model Test

  11. Floater's Construction and Installation

  12. Dry Tree System and Riser

  13. New Concept and Comparison

  14. Case Study


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